The beautifully rugged and often dramatic coastline of Cornwall with its remarkable light provide artists with a perfect, inspiring environment in which to live and work. Martin Bowie’s paintings are predominantly created to capture beautiful landscapes, architecture and seascapes with the greatest emphasis being placed on the amazing colours and light. Martin also paints land and seascapes from around the UK and other parts of the world and he also produces figurative works.

Martin works mainly in oils grinding his paints, using brushes and palette knives on canvas, boards, panels and prepared card; drawing the viewer into his paintings via a depth of colour, texture, and layers often starting with acrylic or tempura grisaille on hand stretched canvases.

About me

Martin Bowie is a self taught artist. Starting late in life, he built on a earlier passion for drawing which dominated his school and teenage years. But after discovering the guitar, this gave way to an obsession with music and particularly jazz, performing to this day in various bands and ensembles country wide.

After moving to Cornwall and a 20-year art hiatus, "I wanted some paintings on the wall, paintings that I didn’t have cash for, so I though I’d try painting." "This was the one of the best decisions because I have enjoyed every moment painting since and in way that is difficult to describe. It’s certainly a meditative practice for me in which the act of doing and being in the painting is the best part."


If you are interested in purchasing any of my work shown on the site, or would like to commission me please get in-touch via:

Phone: 07766022077